A Figma Resource for Beginners: 5 Time Saving Tips

4 min readMay 24, 2022

By: Tori Krouse

As a marketer at an early-stage venture studio, I work with an incredible team of expert designers and UX wizards. Figma is their HOLY GRAIL. It was intimidating at first, watching them create prototypes and build brands, only contributing in the comments. But after a year and a half of using Figma, I’ve upped my game. And I’m really glad because Figma is a top-notch tool for marketers too. We have separate workspaces within Figma for each of our incubations and portfolio companies, where we can create, collaborate, review, comment, share and export files in no time. I’ve used a handful of tools to create content, but none of them give me as much freedom as Figma.‍

1. Removing Image Backgrounds

If you love using masking and the pen tool to strategically and intricately remove the background from an image, keep scrolling. If you’d prefer to have a plugin do the work in a fraction of the time, you’ve come to the right place. Meet Remove BG. With the click of a button, image backgrounds are removed automatically. Seriously, IT’S MAGIC! To use the plugin, right click an image, scroll down to Plugins,scroll over to Remove BG, and then hit Run.‍

2. Copying and Pasting Styles of One Object to Another

Creating objects that align with your brand’s style guide has never been so easy. Figma allows you to copy the attributes of one element, such as its color/fill, stroke, and corner treatment, and apply them to another object. Simply select the original stylized object and press Option, Command, C and then click on the new object and paste the style by pressing Option, Command, V.

3. Design Like a Pro with Auto Layout

Auto Layout is one of the most helpful features in Figma. It allows you to build frames and components that automatically flex and allow a container to adapt to the size of its contents (or the other way around). You can define the padding (space inside of an element), the margins (space between elements), as well as the alignment of elements for pixel-perfect layouts. To use it, select your frames or components you want to auto layout, and then click + in the auto layout panel. From…




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