Build with us — 25madison Welcomes Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Martin Aguinis

2 min readJul 26, 2021

By: Steven Price and Grant Silow

In April 2021, 25madison welcomed Martin Aguinis on board as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence. 25madison has been building startups since 2018, and we have several models: In many cases, we’ve started with a white space, built an MVP, and then partnered with a Founding CEO to launch the company. In other cases, we’ve co-founded early-stage companies. Here, we’ll back a phenomenal entrepreneur who has an idea for a company, which we work together to test, validate and build.

Martin is a serial entrepreneur. He started multiple companies during college and has not stopped post-graduation. Martin got his formal marketing training in Google’s product marketing org, where he helped grow developer tool Flutter from 0 to 2 million users. He’s a Forbes 30 Under 30 Honoree and is currently between years of his MBA at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. In his free time of MBA Year 1, Martin built a video communication software company backed by Pear VC and sold the business to Tata in March of this year.

Martin approached 25madison after learning of our venture studio model from a 25madison intern and peer in Stanford’s MBA program. We discussed the myriad ways our team could help validate the concept (from user interviews to demand testing to iterating on the MVP’s UX design), launch the business (building the brand platform and visuals, testing GTM tactics, building partnerships with major corporate partners), and more.

Now, Martin, his cofounder Liam Bolling and their team have a home base at our office in Union Square. They have a 25madison team that gets in the weeds with them every day, a turnkey back-office that makes admin/hiring/onboarding a breeze, executive sponsorship that focuses on strategic opportunities, and a seed stage investor network that provides candid and friendly feedback at every step of the way.

We couldn’t be more excited to have Martin on our team at 25madison, and we look forward to sharing more on his team’s progress soon.

If you’re like Martin and are ready to accelerate brand building and concept validation, reach out and Build with Us.




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