Building Our Talent Ecosystem with Summer Interns

3 min readJun 16, 2021

By: Grant Silow

Today, we’re excited to announce our six summer interns at 25madison. This is our fourth year in business and our fourth year bringing on interns. The program has been a reliable source of full-time team members (Nate Rosen, Merrill Anovick, myself), founders (Noah Gray, CEO of Onda), and introductions to EIRs and companies (Morgan, a Summer 2021 intern, introduced us to EIR Martin Aguinis before she even started!).

MBA Interns

Matt Blank

Matt just wrapped up his first year at Harvard Business School. Prior to school, Matt had a diverse set of experiences, ranging from management consulting to entrepreneurship to teaching. Today, Matt runs an education site that teaches people to code, as well as a fitness center SaaS business. This summer, Matt will apply his software development expertise and passion for crypto to internal incubations as well as new minority investments.

Rebekah Foster

Rebekah also joins 25madison from Harvard Business School. Prior to school, Rebekah worked as a management consultant and a Data Scientist at Flatiron Health (prior to and following the $2 billion acquisition by Roche). Rebekah also worked on the healthcare growth equity team at Summit Partners. Rebekah has a healthcare focus and will spend her summer working with 25madison incubation Ruby, alongside CEO Keith Cowing (another Flatiron alumnus), as well as working on new healthcare concepts.

Morgan Lundblad

Morgan joins us from the Stanford GSB, where she just finished her first year. Morgan studied Mechanical Engineering and started her career in management consulting at Deloitte Digital. Prior to school, Morgan worked in new market development at JUUL…




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