How to Use Sprint-Based Digital Marketing Tests: From Market Validation to Funnel Optimization

5 min readApr 19, 2023

By: Tori Krouse

Sprint-based digital marketing tests are useful at many stages of company growth! Here are a few ways we put them to use.

Market Validation 💡

In the early-stage startup world, we’re constantly assessing opportunity spaces, ideating and evaluating new business ideas. Our goal is to validate concepts efficiently, so we avoid wasting time and money developing concepts that we’ll never build. We have many tools in our validation playbook that help us assess consumer demand, some of which you may already be using and others you might not have tried.

One tool we always use is user research (shoutout and While we always look to interviews and surveys to collect qualitative and quantitative feedback, we never rely solely on these strategies to move forward. That’s because we’re wary that what people say is not always indicative of what they do. And while we craft interviews and surveys carefully to avoid bias (honorable mention to Rob Fitzpatrick’s essential read for entrepreneurs, The Mom Test), we know that when asking people about business ideas, they can be dishonest. It’s not necessarily because they want to be or even realize they are doing it. It’s that they will often tell us what they think we want to hear or become uncomfortable with the subject matter and feel they can’t be truthful. Or, they’re taking the interview or survey just for an incentive and have no intention of giving honest feedback. So, while these interviews are essential, we take them with a grain of salt and complement them with other tools.

Enter digital marketing tests.

You might ask, why would you spend money on ads when you don’t have anything to sell and can’t generate ROI? That’s a valid question. The answer is two-fold.

  1. Unlike in an interview or survey where the person is aware we’re evaluating a business concept and can feel pressured to say they are interested, with digital marketing tests, we can assess whether people are interested in our product or service in a…




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